December 15, 2018
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About the Texas All-State Flute Etudes 2018
July 25, 2018   0 Comments
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Etude in D Major, Op. 26, Boehm

Creative Flutist Editions:
Practice Part
Performance Copy
Flute Duet

Lessons: Art of Chunking: #9, #10, #13, #14. T & G, Exercises #4, #10, #11, #12

Key: D Major, I= D F# A D V= A C# E A D dim7th= D F (E#) G# B...
12 Ways, Technique & Rhythm, Part 3
April 3, 2018   0 Comments
  A Reminder of Our List of 12:

1. To be open and refine your ability to listen.

12 Ways, Sculpting your Sound, Part 2
April 3, 2018   0 Comments
4. To Be Sculpting a Beautiful In-tune Consistent Sound. 

What does it take to sculpt, to turn the clay of your whole self, heart and spirit into sound? To create an artistic beautiful sound that can express an infinite number of sounds and weave them all together via your unique self is a lifetime’s practice and play. 

So to be listening mindful, heart-full, spirit-full, body-full… holistically takes time to sense and to cultivate each element and allow it to evolve and grow with our awareness and sensitivity. There is always so much to enjoy,...
12 Ways To Be Mindful and Musically Expressive In Your Practice ~ Part 1
March 27, 2018   0 Comments
12 Reasons to be mindful and musically expressive in your practice.
part 1
 Why does deliberate, detailed, deep, mindful and musical practice at first seem like a “slow” way to practice? Because it does slow us down! Being mindful and expressive with our music takes us more deeply into our practice, flute playing, music and our self. There are many levels, depths and mysteries to great music. Unless we slow down, reflect, and make educated, meaningful choices in our practice, we will miss out on so much....
Performance Confidence Ideas
March 26, 2018   0 Comments

Creative Flutist Challenge, Introduction
December 28, 2017   0 Comments
Welcome to our Creative Flutist Challenge for High School Students!