December 18, 2018
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12 Ways, Sculpting your Sound, Part 2

April 3, 2018
4. To Be Sculpting a Beautiful In-tune Consistent Sound. 

What does it take to sculpt, to turn the clay of your whole self, heart and spirit into sound? To create an artistic beautiful sound that can express an infinite number of sounds and weave them all together via your unique self is a lifetime’s practice and play. 

So to be listening mindful, heart-full, spirit-full, body-full… holistically takes time to sense and to cultivate each element and allow it to evolve and grow with our awareness and sensitivity. There is always so much to enjoy, sense and be aware of as we warm up each day in our practice. 

The HOW we are creating our sound and what we are including and excluding can make all the difference in being consistent in creating our most beautiful sound. 

To be truly expressing a sound we will include our mind, heart, and spirit in our sound practice. To be emotional, e=energy and motion… So we are moving from a connection to our emotions, in this case our emotions that sense our self and the sound we are intending to create and there is motion, movement with the energy of emotion… 

The energy is whole and it is this infinite LISTENING we SENSE and develop ETERNALLY as musicians that is reflected in our SOUND and in the MUSIC we make.

I am remembering the quote by Alan Marion, “Never play for technique alone…” about including the music and expressive elements in everything we do. So, let’s include ALL of ourself ... our energy, movement, and musical intention as we practice and perform.

To slow down for Sound Sculpting: To be Peaceful, Patient, Persistent & Playful...
Let’s be curious and open anew each time we pick up our instrument and add it to our body and breathe life into it. 
What kind of sound sculpture are you creating today?