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I first created the Creative Practice Cards for my own students and for the Master Classes I give. Some colleges saw them and asked if I would publish them. Well, I do have 300 ideas in a file box and keep adding more. Why not turn all these ideas into Creative Practice Cards.
So, thank you dear friends, that is what I am doing.

I am interested in sharing the things I have learned and am continuing to learn. I am so grateful to all my wonderful teachers, past and present! Many of these things are not new. These are just my way of expressing and expanding upon some of these ideas that resonate for me, in a way I enjoy and that I have found helpful for students and myself.

The front of each Creative Practice Card is full of creative practice information, an inspirational quote, ideas and resources for more places to learn about the things presented and links to my website for free downloads of music and art-icles. On the back of each is a Practice Journal that includes a, to do list and a listening journal. If you are ordering the Premier Set of Creative Practice Cards, they are laminated and can be written on and erased with a wet/dry erase pen. They come with a pen and a in a poly envelope. The other Creative Practice Cards Sets are printed on a heavy card stock and on a metal ring. It is my hope that you will use these Creative Practice Cards for inspiration, information, to spice up your practice, to get curious and to create your own practice recipes. Please let me know
how you enjoy them.

Jennifer Keeney

What people are saying about Creative Practice Cards:

Creative Practice Cards remind us of what's truly essential in learning an instrument:
creating and maintaining a sense of delight in the process. Many thanks to Jennifer
Keeney for an invaluable addition to everyone's practice room!

~ Leone Buyse

Jennifer's Creative Practice Cards are delightful and most of all illuminating...

~ Paula Robison

Jennifer Keeney's Creative Practice Cards are a creative extension of who Jennifer is as a person, teacher, and player. Everything about them is inspiring and beautiful- they
are such a pleasure to use! My students and I have enjoyed them tremendously and we
eagerly look forward to more!!

~ Christina Jennings

Jenny's Creative Practice Cards are full of insightful and inspiring ideas that will allow
every flutist to broaden their approach in both practicing and performing. Whether a
beginner, college student, or professional player, there is something for everyone to
learn from these wonderful practice tools. They are packed with useful and unique information, as well as being beautifully designed in every way. I look forward to getting
the next set!

~Philip Dikeman, Assistant Principal Flute, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Jennifer Keeney’s colorful and idea-filled Creative Practice Cards invite playful
discovery while personalizing practice time. The Cards make it easy to select something
to focus on in a practice session, increasing awareness, productivity, and enjoyment.

~ Catherine LeGrand

Creative Practice Cards are anything but torture; witty, clear, fun, insightful, and an inspiration to all. I highly recommend them!

~ Steven Finley Flute FX

The Creative Practice Cards will give you:


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Example of Creative Practice Card Set 1

Example of Creative Practice Card Set 2



Creative Practice Cards © 2007 Jennifer Keeney