August 15, 2018
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Creative Flutist Classes

Monthly Studio Classes

Studio Classes for us to creative community, learn, perform and sight read flute ensemble music.

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Creative Flutist All-State Etudes Class 2018

Saturday & Sunday
10am - 5pm
Westwood High School
Austin, TX

Please email if you are not a member of Creative Flutist Studio BEFORE registering.

Classes are designed to guide students as a group in creatively, playfully, deliberately and efficiently practicing the All-State Etudes and flute fundamentals.
The Classes increase the students knowledge and enjoyment of music, flute, listening, teamwork, high performance and leadership skills. This year we are focusing on our " Creative Flutist Challenge" to share our music videos as works in progress and on practicing and cultivating high performance life habits. Students will receive practice parts of the etudes and we will be using my book, Creative Practice Ideas and Exercises, and Advanced Flute Studies: The Art of Chunking.